Hello World, redux

Hi, Hello, Welcome!
Ciao, Pronto, Benvenuto!
喂, 您好, 欢迎!

It has been a while hasn’t it?

Let’s start with a little history. This domain was purchased over five years after I began using the handle Salt. Initially it contained a Wordpress install running on a Debian server at home. Eventually my interest waned and everything was moved to a landing page on an AWS S3 instance.

After returning to and graduating from university, the itch to maintain a web presence returned. Development creeped along as I spent time preparing for, and and then leaving on, a circumnavigation. All of a sudden the New Year had come and gone, my compulsion to release on a specific date had kicked in. However, I forced myself to continue and have finally produced something I am willing to put my name on. This version was built upon Middleman, a ruby static site generator and is still hosted on S3. It has been based on the blog codebase of my very old friend, Andrew Kvalheim.

Certain decisions were made to keep things minimalistic and libre. One of these was to completely avoid JavaScript, which means no comments or analytics. This may not last as I have future expansion plans which include: more pages, tagged posts, hidden directories, and more. That being said, with my current travel plans and upcoming conference presentations, development may be slow.

Finally, I am launching the site with only this article, but don’t expect that to last long. In the near future I will be posting about conferences, conventions, events, and festivals I attend. Also, I will be uploading previous works which should have been made public long ago such as my LFNW, SeaGL, and Toorcamp talks.

Feel free to look around, send feedback, and share with those who may be interested.

  • William Hale
  • aka Salt