IndieWeb Summit 2016 RSVP

Welcome to my first microformat h-entry post…

Why? Well, a couple months ago I was introduced to the IndieWeb concept. Basically, you should maintain a web presence and post all content under that before publishing to other services. Which is exactly why I built this website!

Now there is a decent amount of work that will go into bringing things up to standards. A variety of h-entries need to be merged in, content needs to be easier to add from mobile, and Middleman needs to be modified to publish to 3rd parties automagically.

How with my busy schedule will this ever be accomplished? It turns out there is a conference in Portland in the very near future to discuss and spend time on just these sorts of things.

Therefore, I am RSVP’ing yes to the 2016 IndieWeb Summit!

Hope to see some familiar faces and become a solid node of the IndieWeb in the very near future.

  • William Hale
  • aka Salt