Palindromic Re-base/launch

blows off the long accumulated dust

After many years of being a less than attentive steward of this site, I've finally gotten things in gear and finalized the transition from Middleman to 11ty+Parcel. This comes over 6 months after beginning the journey on another of this once-in-a-century palindromic days (depending on your datetime formatting preferences), 2020-05-05.

Many thanks must be given to Andrew Kvalheim for all of his enthusiasm and assistance in navigating both of these SSGs. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that many of the opinionated decisions are thanks to the IndieWeb community which codified many of my long-held ideals about the purpose of a "personal homepage".

While this post is going to be kept short for the sake of returning to my birthday, I do intend to keep the content coming. To that end, here is a preview of a project I have been working on during this most auspicious year of 2020.

12 Days of Salty Security

  1. Authentication Factors: expanding logins into 3fa (know, have, are)
  2. Credentials Management: keepass basics and performing a mass reset
  3. Clean Archive: implementing a 3-2-1 backup solution
  4. Social Identity Integrity: email, phone number, website, contacts, etc.
  5. Physical Hardening: scanning documents, credit cards, keys, etc.
  6. Institutional Awareness: setting up credit monitoring, etc.
  7. Preferences Protection: declarative dotfile and /etc management
  8. Intranet Border: routers, firewalls, and subdomains
  9. Always Available: the why/how/where of owning a VPS
  10. On-the-Go Networking: VPNs and synchronization
  11. Portable Reliance: reinstalling and rooting Android
  12. Networked Secrets: GPG/SSH key generation and management
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Salt is a Seattle local studying Tech+Society at the UW. His focus is on FLOSS communities and policy. He tries to be very approachable and will always be found wearing a kilt.

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