Hi, I am a Seattle local currently studying Tech+Society at the U. of WA Dept. of Communication, Community Director at Snowdrift.coop, and Impressario of SeaGL 2020.

My current academic focus broadly relates to Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and Culture; Hackers, Makers, and Breakers; and Computer-Mediated Communication using real-time synchronous systems.

I attend, organize, and speak worldwide at: conferences, conventions, events, festivals, and faires; on various topics including: communication, crowdmatching, internet technologies, linux, music, sci-fi/fantasy, security, and windsports.

Among my many hobbies, some favorites include:
bicycling, boffering, cooking, costuming, dancing (east coast swing, international folk, blues), driving, gaming, hot tubs/springs, kilts, mixology, programming, public speaking, reading, robotics, skiing, travel, urban hiking (walking), and windsports (windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing)

While there are numerous ways to contact me, I prefer synchronous communication, and thus like to hold conversations over Matrix or in-person. I try to be very approachable and will always be found wearing a kilt.

Here are some of my profiles around the 'net:

  • Kilted Globetrotter, Free/Libre/Open Advocate, and Lifelong Hacker